<<MATHEMATICS SOCIETY Pendang High School>> is intended as a site where SMK Pendang past students and teachers can go to get reacquainted with long lost friends and to keep everyone updated on activities that are put on by the present Maths soc.

In order to inspire the current students with the success and experience of SMK Pendang alumni, we would like to invite you to participate by sending in a profile on what you have been up to since leaving SMK Pendang.

Send in your e-mail address to be added to our very own “Board of Alumni” and you might be able to get in touch with your best pal during your time in SMKP who you have lost contact with for years.

I consider this to be a page that belongs to all of the SMK Pendang Math Soc Alumni and hopefully, with your help, it will grow and bring a smile to readers as they reminisce about the “good old days” at SMK Pendang.

If you have any suggestions and comments to make this circle of ours wider and more beautifully done, kindly send them to pendangmathsoc@gmail.com  .

Lastly, I welcome you to the Alumni page of SMK Pendang Maths Soc!!


Alummni & students